An art historian and Ph.D. Candidate in modern and contemporary US and African-American Art at the University of Texas at Austin, I specialize in the conceptual and performance-based practices of Black creatives. Politics of identity, race, gender and nation; globalism; and critical historiography inform how I situate histories of art as ongoing, fragmented narratives. I currently lecture on the Black Female Body in the Visual Arts and on the artist Simone Leigh at Spelman College. 

My dissertation is on Fluxus artist and co-founder Benjamin Patterson (1934-2016), an African-American double-bassist who relocated to Germany after 1989. Patterson returned to artmaking in 1988 and committed to a transnational career from the nineties onward. He saw in Fluxus, a loosely-affiliated group of artists set on upending conventional attitudes within art spaces, the space to use art and its legacy to re-engage one's daily circumstances and to critique established value systems. "Who Taught You to Think (Like That): Benjamin Patterson's Conceptual Aesthetic" considers the roles of experimental music, humor, interactive play, and blackness, to build critical study into Patterson's practice of perceptive inquiry.


I entered into the world of art history in 2007 a young defector from the field of modern American history. Strongly rejecting how visual objects and material functioned unquestionably as evidence for historic events that were themselves reconciled seamlessly, I viewed the intellectual and professional grooming within art history as par excellence for the task. My first conscious visit to a museum followed, as did the experiences with objects and art worlds that exist in far more friction to mainstream narratives than generalizing histories obviously cannot present. I pursued my passion for Egyptology and modern African Art at Georgia State University before turning my attention at Boston University more closely to questions I never asked of US and African-American, and am now powered by the intersections between both.

scholar // curator // arts collaborator

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